Morzina Begum(18), Helper, A Line, 5th floor, Ethertax Garment ltd.

Missing : Morzina Begum, 18

By Taslima Akhter

March 2,2014

Translation Akram Hosen

“Morzina was a quiet girl. She loved to wear makeup, and always carried a comb in her purse. She would put on her makeup during breaks at work,” said rickshaw-puller Khasru about his sister. Morzina and Khasru came to Savar together to look for work and a better life.

Before coming to Savar, Morzina used to work as a domestic help in Chittagong. In Savar, she got her first job at Hallmark Garment Factory. After the closure of Hallmark, she joined a factory housed in Rana Plaza. She worked there for eight months. She never returned home after going to work on April 24. After the collapse, Khasru tirelessly looked for his sister at the Adhar Chandra School grounds - where the dead bodies were kept - as well as hospitals, morgues and police stations, but could not find her anywhere.

At last, her name was found in the government inspection committee's list of missing workers. Unfortunately, that was not the end of Khasru's ordeal. The list mistakenly says her village home is in Debidwar upazila of Kushtia while her actual home district is Comilla. This little mistake has denied her family of the recognition that they lost a loved one in the collapse.

Khasru, who lives on his meagre income as a rickshaw-puller, does not have the time or energy, nor the knowledge about how government offices work; thus he has not been able to put the correct address on the list yet. A laminated picture of Morzina is all that remains of his sister.

Morzina Begum (18)
Helper, Ether Tax, 5th floor, A Line
Mother : Khursheda Begum
Father: Kuddus Mia
Village and Post Office: Mugsaire
Thana: Debiddar,
District: Comilla